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Legal Loan Under Debt Review

Are you under debt review / administration, cannot get a loan and need access to cash if you need it? We are here to help you with options for legal secured loans in South Africa against assets of value you own, which are fully paid. Lamna is one option and offer loans against most goods of value including luxury watches, cars, jewellery, gold, diamonds, antiques, trucks, motorbikes, yachts and boats and other assets will also be considered. As long as there is no money outstanding with the bank or other finance company you can offer the asset as security for your loan. Simply visit the website, apply online giving as much detail regarding the item you want to loan against on the form and a consultant will contact you during business hours to get more information and make you a loan offer. If you would like to proceed with the loan application you will need to bring in your asset to a Lamna office (Currently in Bloemfontein, Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg, East London) to be assessed and your loan will be paid to you immediately once approved. Your asset will be stored securely for the duration of the loan term and once your loan has been repaid in full plus interest, will be returned to you. No payslips are required to apply for a loan and there are no credit checks involved so if you are not able to get a loan from other sources then why not see if they can help, apply now -
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Another options for secured loans against assets is Borrow Online and you can lend against property as well as an approved Road Accident Fund (RAF) Claim you have made that has not been paid. If you are a property owner of have just sold property they will help you get a loan against the value or sale amount and you can also apply for a secured loan against vehicles, art, gold, jewellery and other assets of value you may have that are fully paid. Offering fast and efficient service as well as responsible and secure lending practices Borrow Online is an excellent option for secured loans in South Africa. If you are not able to get a loan from other sources and are in need of cash, are the owner of property or other assets of value then why not see if they can help, apply now -
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Want to send and receive online payments easily to people around the world with a linked prepaid MasterCard? Payeer helps make it easy for you to send money to other people even if they do not have Payeer accounts themselves using their contact number or email address. There is also a merchant system available if you are a business owner and would like to an easy way to receive online payments. Your card can be used at the ATM or at your local store as well as to shop online wherever MasterCard is accepted around the world. No credit checks or employment checks are required to open an account though you will have to verify your account with valid identification documents.

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Another option if you are looking for a secured loan against any vehicles you own which are fully paid is Pawn My Car which offers loans against vehicles including cars, boats, trucks, motorcycles as well as other vehicles of value. To apply just visit the website and complete the short application form, giving as much detail as possible regarding the vehicle(s) you would like to use as security for your loan and a consultant will contact you during business hours to discuss your options and possible loan amount. If you would like to go ahead and apply for the loan you will need to take your asset(s) into themPawn My Car offices to be evaluated and with the correct documentation your loan will be paid into your bank account immediately. If you are struggling to get a loan then why not see if they are able to help you get cash if you need it, apply for a secured loan against your car or other vehicle today -
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