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Collateral Loans Against Vehicles

Need a cash loan and are unemployed, self-employed or have very bad credit and cannot get a loan or perhaps would prefer a loan with no banks involved or credit checks required? A secured loan against any vehicles that you own which are fully paid could be an option and Lamna may be able to help. If you own a car, bakkie, minivan, truck, caravan or any other vehicle that is fully paid and has no money outstanding to the bank or other lending company then you may be able use it as collateral for a loan. Simply visit the website and complete the short form giving as much information as you can regarding the vehicle that you would like to loan against. During office hours a consultant will be in contact to make you a loan offer and if you would like to proceed then you will need to make an appointment to have your vehicle appraised. A final loan offer will then be made and with all the correct documents your loan could be paid to you via EFT the same day meaning you could have your money within 12 to 24 hours of making an application. If you have been thinking about selling your vehicle(s) or cannot get a loan from other sources then why not see how they may be able to help you, visit

As a registered financial services provider in South Africa you are guaranteed efficient service with no hidden fees when you get a secured loan from Lamna. Along with loans using vehicles as security you can also use assets of value that you may have which are fully paid as security including property, gold, diamonds, art, antiques, luxury watches or many other goods. The benefits of a secured loan are that there are no credit checks required, you can be unemployed or self-employed and there are no legal implications if you cannot repay your loan, your assets will simply be sold to recover the loan amount and related charges. If you need a cash loan then why not apply now or get more information at
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Want to send and receive online payments easily to people around the world with a linked virtual prepaid MasterCard? Payeer helps make it easy for you to send money to other people even if they do not have Payeer accounts themselves using their contact number or email address. There is also a merchant system available if you are a business owner and would like to an easy way to receive online payments. Your virtual card can be used to shop online wherever MasterCard is accepted around the world. No credit checks or employment checks are required to open an account though you will have to verify your account with valid identification documents.