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Buying prepaid devices and vouchers may seem expensive in the short term though when you consider the long term expense of subscription services or paying off devices monthly on a contract prepaid makes sense. Being locked into a contract or subscription means that you are forced to pay it every month, even if you are not using it. Buying devices like phones, tablets and routers as part of your contract will usually mean that you pay more in the long term. Even if your device is stolen or breaks you will need to keep paying it off and contracts can be difficult to get out of. Prepaid also makes budgeting easier by reducing your monthly expenses and therefore giving you more cash for daily expenses. Whilst it can be more difficult to save and buy what you like in cash there can be long term financial benefits. Purchasing online using credit with a service like mobicred is also possible if you would prefer to pay off your prepaid purchase. Prepaid also makes the perfect gift and whether you have a young (or old) relative that likes gaming or perhaps a friend who desperately needs a new phone buying prepaid is an excellent idea. We offer an assorted range of prepaid products and services including Cell Phones, 4G / LTE Routers / Modems, Tablet PCs, Netflix Vouchers, Google Play Vouchers, PlayStation Vouchers, Xbox Vouchers, Steam Vouchers and more from some of the leading online shops in RSA. Use the menu above to browse all our prepaid products and services and compare prices on prepaid easily.