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Prepaid Credit Cards South Africa

Do you want a credit card and don't qualify because you are unemployed, have a bad credit rating or are blacklisted? Perhaps you do work and get paid by other companies in other currencies and need to transfer the money into your bank account or draw the cash at the ATM in South Africa. A prepaid credit card can help and offers all the features of a normal credit card including a CVV/CVC/CSC number allowing you to shop online, in-store or draw money at the ATM. The only real difference being that you cannot get into debt and can only spend money that has been transferred into your online account. Browse prepaid credit card related listings below or use the menu above (click the ☰ icon) to view other options. Please Contact Us If you would like your company added to this page with no charge (for free) or for advertising enquiries.


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Want to send and receive online payments easily to people around the world with a linked virtual prepaid MasterCard? Payeer helps make it easy for you to send money to other people even if they do not have Payeer accounts themselves using their contact number or email address. There is also a merchant system available if you are a business owner and would like to an easy way to receive online payments. Your virtual card can be used to shop and make payments online wherever MasterCard is accepted around the world. No credit checks or employment checks are required to open an account though you will have to verify your account with valid identification documents.

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