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Bridging Finance & RAF Claim Advances

Have you recently sold property, are waiting to be paid and need cash or are a registered estate agent and would like an advance on your commission? Borrow Online are here to help and offer a simple and secure way for anyone to get early access to cash when they need it. If you have sold property as the owner you can apply for an advance to pay for transfer duties and any rates or taxes that may be outstanding on the property or an advance on the proceeds available to you from the sale of your property. The application is simple, can be completed online in just a few minutes and during office hours an experienced consultant will contact you to discuss your options and get more information. If approved your cash advance will be paid out shortly afterwards and you will have access to funds without having to wait for the sale to be completed. If you have successfully made a claim with the Road Accident Fund and are still waiting to be paid you can also apply for a cash advance against the compensation amount. Forget spending another day waiting for cash, apply for bridging finance and get access to your funds -
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