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We help make it easy to buy prepaid, get free prepaid MasterCards for receiving payments, making instant transfers and withdrawals and as an alternative to a regular credit card if you are blacklisted or have bad credit problems. Whether you are wanting to buy prepaid electricity, airtime or ADSL online in South Africa, want a prepaid credit card, need prepaid meter(s) installed or other meter services or want to start a prepaid vending business there should be a company listed on the website to meet your requirements. Browse all prepaid listings using the menu above (click the ☰ icon) and please Contact Us If you would like your company added to this website with no charge (for free) or for advertising enquiries.
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payoneer south africa
Do you receive payments from people and companies in other countries and currencies? It can be difficult to transfer your funds or draw the money in South Africa. Payoneer is here to help and offers an online account linked to a card that makes it easy to draw cash at the ATM or transfer the money directly into your bank account. If you get payments from companies like PayPal, Amazon, Google, AirBnB, eBay and many others then the card has a lot to offer and sign up is free. No credit or employment checks are required to sign up though you will have to verify your account with valid ID documents.

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